Fattoria del Vento OUT NOW!

Finalmente oggi è possibile effettuare il download GRATUITO dell'album di Fattoria del Vento che esce per l'etichetta Muertepop.

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[muerte007] Fattoria Del Vento New Muertepop release

"Fattoria del vento" is a creative musical project, nine
special tracks, sound, image, place, the renovation to
artistic use of a nearly falling apart country house in
north-east Italy. The sonorous poetics is based on the union
of electronic rhythmics obtained from the combination of
noises produced from objects and situations of the common
life and minimal acoustic tunes

web site http://www.fattoriadelvento.it

Free download at the release page of http://www.muertepop.com

download page: http://www.archive.org/details/muerte007

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